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Перевод слова

Перевод: party speek party

партия ; отряд ; команда ; группа ; компания ; прием гостей; званый вечер; вечеринка ; сопровождающие лица; участник ; соучастник ; особа ; человек ; субъект ; сторона [юр.]


  1. Party Night Menu
  2. 20.1 Neither party shall be liable to the other for non-performance in the event of circumstances occurring outside its control which shall include for the avoidance of doubt strikes and material currency fluctuations.
  3. The Socialist Party, which got its economics so disastrously wrong at the start of the 1980s, has now more or less caught the point.
  4. a genuine agreement in favour of a third party, going beyond a factual privilege
  5. The secretary of each level of the party had quasi-absolute power over the members below him, and Elena had a double advantage: not only was she the Party secretary able to veto or grant small privileges for her colleagues, her husband was much of the time the Second Secretary in the Party at large, controlling the day-to-day business of the Romanian Communists under Dej's supervision.
  6. Scandal aside, Mr Streibl was losing his grip on a regional party adrift after German unity and unsure of its future.
  7. The Labour Party is still a partner in the national unity government.
  8. The invitations to the party had been sent out ten days ago.
  9. Consequently, he achieved a domination of the Labour party which more able men, Gaitskell and Wilson, sought in vain.
  10. The sturdily independent high tech sector had naught for the comfort of either major party in the run-up to today's by-election in Newbury, Berkshire when the big guns from party headquarters showed up for photocalls during the build-up: Labour chose Vodafone Group Plc and tried to commiserate about the recession, only to be told that business had been going gangbusters for several months, the Tories went looking for green shoots at Micro Focus Plc, only to be told that the UK market was flat on its back, and that it was only foreign sales that were keeping the old Coboller busy.
  11. Ceauescu insisted that "the moulding of the new man" was the central purpose of the Communist party's rule.
  12. But the British Fascisti were in earnest, though doomed to extinction in a few years with the creation of Oswald Mosley's New Party.
  13. The Royal Agricultural Society of England has set up a working party, under the chairmanship of Sir Derek Barber, following the challenge laid down by HRH Prince of Wales earlier this year at the society's annual lecture.

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