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Перевод слова

Перевод: par speek par

равенство; паритет ; номинал ; номинальная цена; номинальная стоимость; номинальное состояние; нормальное состояние; газетная заметка; молодой лосось


  1. On the second day 47 players beat par with another 18 again scoring in the 60s for the first time.
  2. Take the first half-dozen tracks as a fair indication of Gottschalk's versatility and the American piano entertainer par excellence and you will covert even the most cynical of musical purists to the "cause"!
  3. When mealworms were given to a group of meerkats by means of a cleverly designed dispenser their activity increased enormously and the pattern was on a par with that of the wild populations; without such a dispenser they showed more lethargic, passive and atypical behaviour patterns.
  4. On we went, par after par, until we got to the 16th and I thought, this must be it.
  5. DERRICK COOPER, hitting one sharp iron after another through the hazy morning air, handed in a 66 - six under par - to share the lead with Keith Waters and Barry Lane going into the second round of the Jersey European Airways Open.
  6. Considering he was four over par after the first three holes of the New Orleans tournament, Faldo's 11 under for the remaining 69 on a course he found demanding looks a useful dress rehearsal for the first of the year's majors.
  7. The pretty green-and-white single-seater is 181ins long and 72ins wide - about the size of an F3000 car - although its weight is more on par with an F1 car.
  8. Page only needed a par four on the ninth green, his final hole, to prevent a play-off and win by a stroke from the 20-year-old from Drayton Park, Staffordshire.
  9. GARRY HARVEY played 24 holes in one under par to take a surprise halfway lead over fellow Scot Bill Longmuir in the Rome Masters at Castelgandolfo yesterday.
  10. This remark, it seemed to him, was on a par with "Stalin was quite a nice guy, basically ".
  11. It contained a most important provision, the formal recognition by Louis XIV that William was King of Great Britain par la grce de Dieu, i.e. with divine approval, and an undertaking not to give aid to any of William's enemies, but this undertaking did not extend to William's successors; here lay the seeds of future invasion attempts.
  12. She got the ball on the green, par was saved, and to celebrate Stewart holed from 25 feet for a birdie at the 14th.
  13. In 36 rounds he is 122 under par.

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