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Перевод слова

Перевод: pants

брюки ; кальсоны ; штаны ; трус`ы


  1. In the morning I would find myself putting on a T-shirt, a pair of tight pants and baseball boots, without any thought.
  2. To hell with the GOOD TALKERS, those pugnacious interviewees all set to give "sleepy" pop the kick in the pants it deserves - pop beauty should be the subject of dumbfoundedness, the breakdown of schematics.
  3. When I awoke, I was without pants and there were lots of tubes and bottles and I had pain", he said, giving evidence through an interpreter.
  4. You can't run with your pants at half mast.
  5. As if this earth in fast thick pants were breathing,
  6. She likes to shock, she's sexy and she'll charm the pants off them."
  7. THE DUTY MAN: Pants, socks et al, with big Christmas bonuses for MS.
  8. Pants soaked with blood.
  9. Various pads and securing pants are available to meet all degrees of incontinence.
  10. A consultant with fly-away silver hair and an offensively breezy manner asks Kate to pop up on the table and just pop her pants down.
  11. I can ride the pants off any of those Greycoat boys.
  12. No matter; only the accents change - and the pants: here, the squares wear slacks, the good guys blue-jeans.
  13. Bare-chested, a handkerchief over his head and baggy black pants billowing, only the walkman marked Peter Maher apart from a latter-day Henry Morgan, so pirate-like was his appearance.

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