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Перевод слова

Перевод: owe speek owe

быть должным; быть в долгу; причитаться; быть обязанным кому-л.


  1. The most important duty that I owe you, the reader, is that I be absolutely honest and candid, and therefore, although I have no doubt that the growers will not like me for saying so, I suggest that unless you aspire to the show bench, or base your gardening on taking chances, you should not heed the blandishments but look instead for the shortcomings.
  2. "You owe me nothing, Mikhail.
  3. We owe it to the city to maintain
  4. That's what I owe to him.
  5. When he came and sat down I said, "You owe me.
  6. "I owe five pounds an' some interest if yer must know," Mum shouted.
  7. They are perhaps owe something to the tabloid newspapers and colour supplements, as these have emerged in the post-war years, with their high illustrative content and minimal text.
  8. "Hookers owe it to themselves and their loved ones to refuse to play if crouch-touch pause-engage isn't being enforced", he said.
  9. This attitude, especially in "Sophia's" case, may owe something to class-distinction, that is, a duke beating a duchess with a neck of mutton might prove less illustrative than a journeyman tailor doing such a thing to his wife.
  10. These results owe less to diversification of any kind than to capital gains in the market for corporate control.
  11. Nevertheless, he does report many developments in the American social scene, which obviously owe a great deal to the careful monitoring of many local newspapers.
  12. "I owe you one."
  13. The UN's predictions of famine owe more to art than science.

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