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Перевод слова

Перевод: outstanding speek outstanding

выдающийся; знаменитый; незаурядный; выступающий; недюжинный; неуплаченный; просроченный; невыполненный; остающийся неразрешенным; остающийся спорным


  1. He was a dressing-room joker, a loyal club player and an outstanding international despite the inevitable victimisation he suffered as one of football's most put upon figures, the Scottish goalkeeper.
  2. The statistics of the eruption are outstanding.
  3. I might mention that I have been using these movements since the commencement of my business in 1983, with outstanding performance both as to accuracy and reliability.
  4. NASHWAN'S owner and trainer yesterday decided against the only course of action that could have restored the reputation of their Derby winner as one of the outstanding racehorses of the post-war era by opting to by-pass the richest and usually most competitive race in Europe, the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe.
  5. He paid great importance to good catching, especially near the wicket where he was himself outstanding.
  6. They point out that the proposed mine is just on the fringe of Dartmoor, an area of outstanding natural beauty..
  7. The interference between one kind of virus and another was investigated more fully late in the 1950s by an outstanding research worker, Alick Isaacs (1921-;1967), at the National Institute for Medical Research.
  8. Mainland is famous for the quality of its agricultural land which produces outstanding crops of oats and barley, superb sheep and cattle, and top-quality seed potatoes.
  9. The Labour leadership has already stated that it will take advantage of instalment payments still outstanding from the sale of shares in British Telecom and the Scottish electricity companies.
  10. The discount on issue should be treated as a finance cost and apportioned to accounting periods so that the total finance cost on the debt will have a constant relationship to the outstanding obligation.
  11. Election 1992: Outstanding brain for reforms
  12. The outstanding exception to the general conclusion that the Romans were not really interested in science was Lucretius (c.94-;55 BC), whose De rerum natura is nowadays regarded as the greatest philosophical poem ever written.
  13. Sally Greengross, Director of Age Concern England, has written to the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators urging that awards made by arbitrators should enable investors to escape their debt completely, ie to pay off the whole of their outstanding loan, which will otherwise "roll up" on a daily basis, in some cases leading to repossession.

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