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Перевод слова

Перевод: outnumber speek outnumber

превосходить численно


  1. Nationally, girls still outnumber boys as candidates in biological and health sciences and boys still easily outnumber girls in physics and mathematics.
  2. In passing our studies have helped to clear up some of the outstanding biological problems that underlie the reproductive biology of Bufo bufo , such as why it is that the males so greatly outnumber the females, and why they are smaller.
  3. Final evidence that rhynchosaurs were herbivorous is that they occurred in large numbers; in general we expect the herbivores to outnumber carnivores.
  4. But the inquisitive crowd always collected inside the wire to outnumber the newcomers and to stare.
  5. It developed into a bubble, and holders - people who bought for business reasons - began to outnumber users, those who looked at it and got something out of it.
  6. After all, the dead far outnumber the living!
  7. So does Sedimentary Petrology , whose pages outnumber those of its older competitor by three to one.
  8. Although male offenders still heavily outnumber female offenders, these changes have led to an alteration in the male-female ratio for crime and delinquency.
  9. The table below shows that private and semi-official schools far outnumber state-run schools at secondary level.
  10. Now, with Jan Timman as their first genuine world title contender for 50 years, Dutch chess journalists almost outnumber the English at Sadler's Wells.
  11. It might be that the reason working-class criminals far outnumber middle-class criminals (proportionately, given that there are more working-class people in this country) is because middle-class crimes are less regularly recorded and middle-class offenders are less severely punished.
  12. It is girls who tend to stay at school longer and in the secondary cycle outnumber boys (making up 52 per cent of total enrolment in 1985).
  13. Sergeants and corporals outnumber private soldiers.

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