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Перевод слова

Перевод: out speek out

внешний; наружный; крайний; отдаленный; выключенный;
наружу; снаружи; вне; вон; больше обычного;
недостаток ; пропуск ; выход ; лазейка ;
из; за; вне;
выгонять; выгнать; выставить; изгнать; гасить; тушить; нокаутировать; удалить с поля; отправляться на прогулку или экскурсию


  1. The government-backed Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research is to investigate the issue after it carried out a review of 50 recent reports on the longevity of CDs.
  2. Amenities include a sun terrace built out above the lake, garden, lounge, bar and table tennis.
  3. Descartes, indeed, was with the armies of Maximilian of Bavaria in 1619 at the very beginning of the Thirty Years War when, at Neuberg on the Danube, he had that sequence of dreams which convinced him that his mission was to seek out truth by means of reason.
  4. I hung out of the door on the other side of the train for a while, but no one was moving out there at all.
  5. If Bell is ruled out as too old and Ramsey as too new, who else has stature?
  6. Bankers retaliate by pointing out that accountants' advice is invariably based on historic record rather than future possibility, and that it is impossible for them to give impartial advice if they have been auditing their clients' books over the past years.
  7. I know you go out in company very little, and was the more fortunate that dear Crabb managed to entice you to his breakfast table.
  8. The ripples spread out from the point where the stone is dropped and can affect a great area of the pond and perhaps even the whole of it.
  9. Really, it was my own fault" she petered out, confused.
  10. It had come out of the blue: a brief note from her, saying that she had to undergo a surgical operation.
  11. In the late Sixties, Kasmin swallowed his pride and set off as a travelling salesman on behalf of the gallery to America, travelling the States with a bagful of transparencies, finding out who was interested in art from the local museums, and visiting people who didn't get to New York.
  12. Murrell, who was not going out with Gedge at the time, was surprised when the couple suddenly packed up, tore down their Wedding Present posters and left Leeds.
  13. I pulled the pin out of the grenade.

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