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Перевод слова

Перевод: ounce speek ounce

унция ; капля ; чуточка ; ирбис


  1. A brief greatness was now conferred on the place, when the Popes found it an island refuge in their struggle against the Empire: Count Pierre of Melgueil bestowed the county and bishopric on SS Peter and Paul and Pop Gregory VII in 1085, Pope Urban II graciously granted it back as a fief for a mere annual ounce of gold, and in 1096, on a visit, astonishingly declared the church "second after that of Rome", with arms of the two
  2. All fats - butter, margarine, lard, and all the oils including vegetable oils - contain more than 200 calories an ounce.
  3. I dissolved a grain of soda in half an ounce of water mixed with alcohol in a phial, which was thereby filled two-thirds full, and shook this solution continuously for half an hour, and this fluid was in potency and energy equal to the thirtieth development of power ."
  4. British consul at Silver-store, a self-important man who becomes governor of the island and a KCB: "a stiff-jointed, high-nosed old gentleman, without an ounce of fat on him, of a very angry temper and a very yellow complexion", whose wife "making allowances for differences of sex, was much the same".
  5. But guar bread, newly created by British food chemists, not only has a high fibre content but actually has 25 per cent fewer calories per ounce.
  6. The domestic sweet-ration was to be increased by a quarter ounce to help the thousands of war-widows the Government thought "were gainfully employed" in running the myriad sweetie-shops of the Second City of a battered Empire.
  7. They were given an ounce of twist tobacco a week and two at Christmas, when they were also given a pint of beer.
  8. Samuel Barber's Adagio for Strings was well enough played but lacked the last ounce of passion, and suffered badly from the aurally obtrusive air conditioning system, Randall Thompson's Alleluya showed that the Festival Chorus on this occasion were equally as adept at unaccompanied singing as their counterparts had been last week.
  9. However, it doesn't matter who you are, for if you have an ounce of history in your soul you cannot help regarding the Masters as something special.
  10. In fact, I would suggest that anybody who has one ounce of individuality should never go to a business school - and I've said this often at Cranfield and London - because you're structured by academics who measure you in the science of business.
  11. With Puffed Wheat an ounce would actually overflow in many bowls, so people tend to serve less than an ounce.
  12. Currently it stands just above 400 an ounce having tumbled in May this year to its lowest level since August 1986.
  13. If our saboteur's got an ounce of sense, by that time there won't be anything incriminating to find."

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