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Перевод слова

Перевод: ordinary speek ordinary

обычный; обыкновенный; простой; нормальный; заурядный; посредственный; ординарный;
дежурное блюдо; столовая ; таверна ; столовая, где подают дежурные блюда; таверна с общим столом за твердую плату; постоянный член суда; судья-ординарий ; священник ; архиепископ, исполняющий обязанности судьи; требник ; устав церковной службы


  1. I have very little knowledge about why ordinary members joined, but my knowledge of why those people who later became ministers joined should be fairly representative of the core support.
  2. Charles thoroughly enjoyed the experience and it was a rare opportunity to see how ordinary people lived.
  3. Within just one NME article, Stuart Maconie wrote that they "talked ordinary, dressed ordinary," and were "screamingly normal and terribly ordinary."
  4. Obsidian is a special kind of rhyolite; it is a natural glass, whereas ordinary rhyolites are not.
  5. It was as if poets owed an explanation to the audience for being what they were, to bring creatures apart down to the level of ordinary folks; as if the poet might be indulged his little failings and eccentricities as long as he allowed himself to be democratically mauled in public by thoughtless questioners or - even worse, much worse - by fellow-poets or by those who had poetic pretensions and who found in "question time" an opportunity to assuage their jealousy or seek revenge for their own incompetence and mediocrity.
  6. It's only when you've heard his extraordinary story that you realise this is no ordinary man.
  7. Ordinary people are more mature.
  8. Moreover, an important principle in the 1981 Act is that of "integration" - the education of many of the children with special needs must, so far as practicable, take place in ordinary schools.
  9. When an ordinary worker fails, he is sacked.
  10. It might be the authorities who give you permission but when it comes to the bit it's the ordinary policeman who's getting shot.
  11. Holders of the prefs will forego dividends in return for 13.7 per cent compound growth over the trust's seven years, thereby allowing the managers to increase dividends to ordinary shareholders who will hold two-thirds of the capital.
  12. Carving chisels are similar to ordinary carpentry chisels, in that the edge of the blade is flat and square across the shank.
  13. This had just opened the Sadler's Wells Ballet's first season at Covent Garden, to rapturous acclaim, but a month or two later John had decided that the costumes, "although very gorgeous and great fun to wear are, in my opinion, far too ordinary for a ballet, they are more like costumes for a historical play

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