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Перевод: order speek order

порядок ; последовательность ; пропуск ; устав ; упорядоченность ; расположение; исправность ; хорошее физическое состояние; чистота ; спокойствие; строй ; государственное устройство; регламент ; знак отличия; боевой порядок; степень ; уровень ; ордер ; приказ ; предписание; инструкция ; распорядок ; распоряжение; разнарядка ; разрешение; заказ ; заказ порционного блюда; слой общества; социальная группа; ранг ; орден ; рыцарский или религиозный орден; духовный сан; род ; сорт ; отряд ; подкласс ; св`ойство;
приказывать; велеть; распоряжаться; направлять; назначать; предписывать; прописывать; заказывать; делать заказ; приводить в порядок; упорядочивать; предопределять


  1. Accordingly if the defendant had commenced proceedings in which the court would have had jurisdiction to order contribution against the appellant, the claim would have been statute barred.
  2. Ministers are known to have been concerned about the level of orders for the Crown Suppliers, since ministries could order furniture elsewhere.
  3. W. R. Parzynski and P. W. Zipse's Introduction to Mathematical Analysis makes a better job than most, and it does it all in the right order, from special to general, what you might call the Reverse Bourbaki Gambit.
  4. A neo-Jacobean pile proudly raised on a Suffolk dune by Edwardian telephone magnate Sir Cuthbert Quilter, the house is now for sale by order of the Ministry of Defence.
  5. But it remains questionable whether the civilised man, the order of truth.
  6. He continues to speak of the possibility of using the Gulf operation to craft a new world order for the resolution of disputes.
  7. Now, if you're not going to order another drink quietly then I think it would be best if you went on your way."
  8. Order the numbers you missed with our special coupon.
  9. With a record order book, it now has a slim chance of starting to repay a bit of the 13.5 billion that it has received in government subsidies.
  10. Because the bulk of the work was supervised by the owner, the overall cost is difficult to assess, but a figure of 50,000 at 1979 prices probably represents the right order of expense.
  11. This is not a work of criticism though it contains much criticism along the way, and of the first order - for instance, Pound's respectful demurrer from the high valuation that Eliot had put on Johnson's Vanity of Human Wishes.
  12. They need to be "better known to nature" too, prior in the order of things to the conclusions established on their basis.
  13. "But," Taylor says, "we filled our order book at reasonable prices a year ago.

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