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Перевод слова

Перевод: oppose speek oppose

противиться; воспротивиться; сопротивляться; противопоставлять; препятствовать; мешать; оппонировать; быть против; выступать против; находиться в оппозиции; оказывать сопротивление


  1. Labour believes a points system will rally its party to oppose the bill.
  2. The stateless image automatically provided Zuwaya or Magharba with a group they had to oppose - - not exactly at all costs, but certainly at every opportunity.
  3. He was the only MP to so oppose the new Clause in Standing Committee A on 8th December 1987.
  4. Given the number of people who are likely to oppose such a policy, it requires perseverance in implementation and faith in the ability of traditional attitudes to change.
  5. Having in mind the proposals of the Government for a very considerable increase in the armaments of the country, and also the piling up of armaments in other European countries with a consequent danger of war, the Council in March passed a resolution calling the TUC to discuss measures which might be taken to oppose such an armament programme and to prepare plans for action to prevent the outbreak of war.
  6. It felt it could not oppose the Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty brokered by the United States in March 1979, but at the same time viewed it with ambivalence.
  7. Many party officials oppose the ideas, such as privatisation and greater powers for the republics, that a round table would be likely to discuss.
  8. Yet these non-Conservative elements - the Liberal Nationals and National Labour - were becoming more and more adjuncts to the Conservative party, and they owed their seats entirely to the willingness of the Conservatives not to oppose them in the constituencies.
  9. Besides, with GEMU, which no East German politician dare oppose, East Germany will already have yielded its monetary sovereignty to the West German Bundesbank and with it a lot of its room for political manoeuvre.
  10. Both those who are working for and those who oppose the ordination of women to the priesthood fully support the ecumenical movement.
  11. There are many reasons to oppose this Bill.
  12. However, council leader Iain Coleman said yesterday that the council would oppose ground-sharing.
  13. Furthermore, the lower the level of education, the more likely the respondent was to oppose the return of the refugees.

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