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Перевод слова

Перевод: once speek once

прежний; тогдашний;
один раз; когда-то; однажды; раз; иногда; некогда;
как только;
один раз


  1. A SHE reader did once attempt to send me a sample of her fluid, but most unfortunately the bottle broke in the post with disastrous results!
  2. They felt an urgency to harvest the grain of their experience at once.
  3. Once you have established what your options are, you should go on to produce a specific recommendation or set of recommendations.
  4. They have reached the first round for the fifth successive year, although once admitted they initially quailed like nervous party-goers.
  5. Genentech says that once the company gains approval from the food and Drug Administration it will distribute the drug only to hospitals.
  6. The heavy hand of a resident father would probably not have stopped him being suspended from school three times, once for smoking, once for swearing and once for self-confessed vandalism (breaking a rival basketball team's scoreboard because they played dirty, for which he took a part-time job to pay for the damage).
  7. "you come in ere half pissed once a month, usually around midnight, and expect me to jump around for you, now you're bringing you mates as well."
  8. Once, however, the National Curriculum entitlement is in place it does not seem likely that parents will welcome any "experiment".
  9. Once they have pasted a few posters in a Punjabi town, the instruction on them becomes law.
  10. The last carts from King James had contained candles, and they stood in front of the altar: stout towers of wax that once would have been raided and eaten.
  11. Of course this 6000 includes some individuals that we picked up more than once; but by marking the toads we ensured that we counted each one only once each year, and standard marking and recapture techniques enabled us to estimate the size of the population, and the annual rate of mortality and recruitment of newly matured adults to the breeding population.
  12. Once in a blue moon, in ectual fect."
  13. Umbro have the England and Scotland teams on contract until 1994, and are entitled to introduce a new look at least once.

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