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Перевод слова

Перевод: offer speek offer

предложение; попытка ; предложение цены;
предлагать; являться; выдвигать; возносить; выдвинуть; пытаться; выражать; случаться; предлагать определенную цену; пробовать; предлагать вниманию; приносить жертвы; выражать готовность; предлагать для продажи по определенной цене


  1. Jessica Mathews of the World Resources Institute is pushing a "sipper-guzzler" fuel-economy plan that would impose a levy on new cars whose fuel-consumption rate was below a set figure - say 27 miles to the gallon - and use the proceeds to offer rebates for cars above it.
  2. For the camper and caravanner, we offer may attractive listed sites.
  3. You should also be wary of callers who offer to make building repairs or lay tarmac.
  4. The category of underemployment refers to an area of work that includes street selling, shoe-shining, refuse collecting for sale, prostitution and many other activities which offer no security and bring in very meagre earnings.
  5. A group of farmers in the region have launched North country Primestock to offer the meat trade a consistent supply of quality assured lamb and beef.
  6. CAB's confidentiality had not been fully appreciated nor was it realised that the worker was there to supply information required, not to pass judgement on the client or to offer gratuitous advice based on their personal experiences or prejudices.
  7. The offer was turned down by the then philistine government (history repeats itself?) and the collection returned to Tabley House.
  9. OFFER CLOSES 29 MAY 1992
  10. My husband wandered off to do his own thing, and I thought I'd see what Koi and Goldfish were on offer outdoors.
  11. Sadly they probably do not know much of the Bible and have few friends among the saints, so they opt for one of the little poems which some newspapers have on offer in a little book.
  12. We have got together with Hertz, the world's largest car rental company, to offer you competitive rates for reliable hire cars pre-booked in the U.K. All of these pre-booked Hertz cars are usually less than seven months old or have covered no more than 31,000 miles (50,000kms) are checked, cleaned and full of petrol and are delivered to and from your Club at no extra charge.
  13. The offer "was seen everywhere but inside the Department of Health as an unjust offer in comparison with other emergency services.

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