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Перевод слова

Перевод: off speek off

более удаленный; мертвый; дальний; не совсем здоровый; второстепенный; свободный; отделенный; правый; маловероятный; имеющий нездоровый вид; несвежий; низкосортный; неурожайный; дурно настроенный; выключенный; снятый;
долой; отступя; вон; выключено (положение у прибора);
правая сторона поля; свободное время;
с; у; от;
прекращать; идти на попятный


  1. Jay sat on the white balcony, shaded from a Mediterranean sun burning off white walls, sparking off a turquoise sea where the bright sails of a skiff were silk balloons shot with dazzle, sparkles of pure light bursting behind the boat as it skimmed the perfect waters.
  2. It is the first time crews outside London have decided to cut themselves off from controllers and to accept only those calls put through by the police, the fire service, GPs, hospitals and the public.
  3. She took the material off of the wall, and all her shoes and make up and just about everything cept the big stuff.
  4. "Show you, then I'm off."
  5. "Asking a question, saying something, and then veering off onto a completely different tangent.
  6. "No one in particular, but I thought she'd have been better off with a chap of her own age who would have wanted her to carry on where she was.
  7. The other important point to remember about wall tiles is that spacer lugs are no more, and the old-fashioned types that are rounded on one (RE) or two (REX) edges, used to finish off the perimeter of half-tiled areas, have virtually disappeared too.
  8. Now Donald was bracing himself to take the weight of the heavier outer door and Donald McLaggan was helping him, easing it up off its hinges.
  9. The Headmaster, who had helped direct the expedition from the ground, was reluctant to stop it just because one of his pupils was clinging helpless to some loose books and screaming his head off.
  10. Most d-i-y tiles probably start out with a plain metal straight-edge, but find that it quickly slews off line when scoring a shiny tile surface.
  11. Lamb immediately took Malcolm off, which one felt Gooch would not have done, and West Indies built up their innings.
  12. "Window cleaners don't speak of bringing off big deals, Mr Vigo."

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