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Перевод слова

Перевод: occur speek occur

случаться; происходить; иметь место; приходить на ум; попадаться; встретиться; произойти; бывать; являться; встречаться


  1. What is it that allows such belief to occur in the child when so much, to the observer, is unreal?
  2. One reply to this is that most offences of bad driving have the potential to cause death or serious injury; and that the North Committee's proposals undervalue the element of endangerment where no harm occurs rather than over -value the resulting harm where it does occur.
  3. Spoken dialogue being omitted, synopses are provided which make it absolutely impossible to tell where the musical numbers occur and what they have to do with the plot.
  4. The relationship between rank of coal and the occurrence of natural gas deposits generally remain the same as demonstrated in 1979; most gas fields occur where the vitrinite reflectance at the upper surface of the Carboniferous is between 1-;2% Rm, - provided, of course, that adequate reservoir rocks of the Upper Carboniferous (Westphalian C, D and Stephanian), Permian (mainly Rotliegendes) and Lower Triassic (Bunter) are present and sealed by evaporites of Permian and Triassic age.
  5. We try to ensure that green fees listed are correct, but discrepancies may occur.
  6. Meiosis cannot normally occur unless the chromosomes form so-called homologous pairs; despite this, meiosis did occasionally occur and a few normal-looking egg cells appeared.
  7. Sir Anthony Meyer does not look like the challenger, although this is a furtive world, where the unexpected might occur.
  8. Principally these occur on Pevensey Levels, part of the Low Weald, and on that part of Romney Marsh that lies within Sussex to the east of Rye.
  9. Other forms of natural mortality of small mammals occur when burrowing rodents may be trapped in their burrows by flood water.
  10. It will occur all the more if there is residual moisture in the cavity arising from the building process, or if it seeps in either from inside the house or from some external source.
  11. Joint-ill, as this infection is commonly called, can occur at any age up until three to four months of age, but is most common in the first six weeks of life.
  12. Problems occur when any one of these features is not met - for example if the recording interval is not equally spaced.
  13. But the harder she tried not to make mistakes the more they seemed to occur.

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