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Перевод слова

Перевод: occasion speek occasion

случай ; оказия ; раз ; возможность ; основание; событие; благоприятный случай; причина ; повод ; обстоятельство;
вызывать; служить поводом; давать повод; причинять


  1. Dr Warton did not scruple, on occasion, to visit a dying woman taking his own young children with him; he describes how, despite the dirt on the floor, they knelt around her bed in attitudes of prayer.
  2. Aunt Harriet would have been cross, normally, for the seat of the swing made green press-marks on her skirt, but the visitor had spoken up for her, taken whatever blame there was and Aunt Harriet had led Eleanor away to wash her hands before tea, telling her how very, very lucky she was, and how she must always be grateful to the Minister and remember this occasion in future years.
  3. Figure 3.6 also shows the results of a final conditioning phase in which presentations of the stimuli continued as in the test session but were followed on each occasion by electric shock.
  4. The larger, bolder birds such as magpies, crows and jackdaws were searching for food on the fairways - on one occasion a golf ball landed near to a crow who nonchalantly moved to one side to avoid the missile.
  5. The BBC made Sunday a special occasion by shunting On The Record with the party leaders to BBC2, and showing the EastEnders omnibus edition in the morning.
  6. Instead he used her remark as the perfect occasion for a quarrel.
  7. Old cars were sold to clubs at inflated prices and on one occasion a player sold his dog to a director.
  8. If he has other things to say they will be said at Mansion House next Thursday, an occasion by tradition for the Chancellor to speak on monetary policy.
  9. "It is an occasion after all."
  10. On any future occasion when the subject was raised the government of the day would always quote this report as the fountain of truth.
  11. It was the wrong occasion: the amateur just "likes flags and razzamatazz" but the professional creates the atmosphere to suit the occasion.
  12. Leonard Bernstein once said that every Koussevitsky concert was "a gala occasion".
  13. As glasnost has its way, and Khrushchev's "rehabilitation" proceeds apace, the occasion has not gone unnoticed.

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