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Перевод слова

Перевод: obvious speek obvious

явный; очевидный; ясный; понятный; банальный; тривиальный


  1. It was obvious from this that in going into storms we were quite literally playing with fire.
  2. Whereas it is obvious that the launch must be abandoned anywhere near the ground, halfway up the launch it is reasonable to hold on for a few seconds to see if the speed picks up again.
  3. A criterion of instant and obvious utility cannot be the sole criterion for the inclusion of items in the school curriculum.
  4. When this proved negative it seemed obvious that Crabb had drowned.
  5. Within months it became obvious that increased demand on the Midland electrified lines (at last free from industrial problems and stock defects) would make additional units necessary.
  6. In practice it is enlarged to 60 and obvious distortions around the fringes of the work are adjusted by eye.
  7. Walkers should stick to obvious paths even if they're badly eroded.
  8. He was just completing the operation, relieved that no one had commented on his obvious injury, when Mary Ann said:
  9. Any fee charged for registering a marked dog must also have some immediately obvious benefit to the general public.
  10. When literary criticism moved into the academy, it received obvious privileges and status.
  11. The obvious solution was to sell the leases to the operators and for them to decide what investment was required if they were to attract new business.
  12. No doubt it will be said that the British public have said chemist when they should have said pharmacist for so long that it would be impossible to change, but the obvious answer to that is that decimalisation presented little problem.
  13. What's more, he had also learned that he must ignore the first playing of the tune, and wait 15 minutes until it played again at the end of the programme - the dog would look up quizzically at the sound of the familiar music but stay still, apparently too smart to respond to an obvious false alarm.

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