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Перевод слова

Перевод: obsess speek obsess

завладеть умом; овладеть; обуять; преследовать (о страхе); мучить


  1. The idea that she was being punished began to obsess her and she could think of nothing else the whole winter.
  2. Although self-image does not obsess me as it once did, my interest continues and I find it exciting how fashions and looks have changed; how many more possibilities there are for creativity and self-expression via clothes and image.
  3. He (unlike those he holds guilty of some of the corrupt practices that seem to obsess him both here, and in the Regiment of Princes , the coin-clippers and counterfeiters), has done nothing wrong.
  4. He could see the food the Men had laid out in different places across the Park and he was tempted by it; and the thought of its taste began to obsess him.
  5. don't obsess yourself with the idea that none of them (Unionist MPs) understand the view of the man in the street there is plenty of soundness in the party inside the House and, easy as it is to call everyone inside Parliamentarians, and to assume that everyone outside are the only judges you will have to get inside before you realize the difficulties of the situation, or the value of the cool-headed men who still represent the Unionist party in the House, and remain independent of Cabinet influence
  6. Wayne has far more things to obsess him than himself.
  7. He was terrified, and his fear began to obsess her, so that she felt her own body begin to knot up with tension again.
  8. For example, Marx's economic theory insists that behind the surface phenomenon of wildly fluctuating market prices for goods and services there lies an underlying and controlling structure of values, which are determined not by the supply and demand forces which obsess "bourgeois" economists, but by the laws of the labour theory of value.

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