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Перевод слова

Перевод: observe speek observe

наблюдать; следить за; замечать; усматривать; заметить; делать замечание; усмотреть; сказать; соблюдать; блюсти; соблюсти; вести научные наблюдения


  1. Activity time-out : the child is simply barred from joining in an enjoyable activity, but still allowed to observe it - for example, having disrupted a board game, she is made to sit out of the game.
  2. For the moment it is enough to observe that the Historie/ Geschichte dichotomy could very easily end up looking rather like Lessing's between the accidental truths of history and the necessary truths of reason, or Fichte's between the historical and the metaphysical, and thus lead to a position open to the same charge of Gnosticism that Baur had laid at the door of Hegel and Schleiermacher.
  3. In the mid-third century Bishop Stephen of Rome asserted that all should observe the tradition of Peter and Paul: viz. those baptized outside the church by schismatic clergy should be readmitted as penitents by imposition of hands, but not treated as if the majesty of Christ's name had never been pronounced.
  4. Apart from his personal duty to observe the papal decrees of 1099, his responsibility was limited to his duty to defend the rights and properties of the church of Canterbury.
  5. It was interesting to observe how they arrived full of animation and determined to be good and entertaining guests and then to watch the slightly false vivacity fade away as the melin had its usual effect.
  6. Burton travelled to observe and communicate, which made him different from most explorers of the day, but he too could be touched by the inexplicable fever of travel: " some thousand miles up a river with an infinitesimal prospect of returning!
  7. Observe also how you behave at home.
  8. The simplest reason for the disappointing subscription is that the novelty of a kitchen maid poet had dissipated in the four years since the first subscription, especially among the gentry around Brackley who might now observe Philip Leapor enjoying the fruits of the first volume.
  9. What to observe
  10. The lessor is usually further protected by a proviso allowing him to re-enter and put an end to the lease in the event of the tenant's failure to pay rent or observe the other covenants.
  11. There does seem to be a development from apparently aimless handling towards quite deliberate modelling, and the teacher will observe this in the development of the children's free play.
  12. Astronomers made strenuous efforts to observe Vulcan, generally attributing their lack of success to the fact that a small body so close to the Sun would be incredibly difficult to detect.
  13. Presumably the poet was required to assist the woman and observe her methods:

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