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Перевод слова

Перевод: nut speek nut

гаечный; помешанный; свихнувшийся;
орех ; орешник ; голова ; башка ; котелок ; откуп [сленг] ; псих ; сумасброд ; чудак ; дурак ; дурачок ; фат ; щеголь ; гайка ; муфта ; мелкий уголь;
собирать орехи; шевелить мозгами


  1. Six gritty months of fumbling with biros and over-read text books in A level tedium were wiped nut.
  2. The principle of proportionality - do not use a sledgehammer to crack a nut - is straightforward logic.
  3. Equally good is the string spacing, which does not feel cramped at all (39mm across a 47mm nut, 81mm at bridge) - obviously another feature given special consideration.
  4. At first I had the strings about an inch off the fingerboard, but I slowly started filing down the nut until I ended up with a lower action.
  5. GIBSON Les Paul Standard, 1989, black, Seymour Duncan Invader pickups, Graphtech trem nut, chrome pickup surrounds, straplocks, Gibson case, all in excellent condition, 500.
  6. Mechanical, sliding nut devices never seem to have become that popular in Britain.
  7. That was all easily fixed in five minutes, but the nut slots were still far too high.
  8. No doubt it was easier to reform it with Dzerzhihsky nut of Moscow, although he retained his post as head.
  9. This is so even if a company fails to export to Europe a single nut, bolt, software package or policy of insurance.
  10. "What d'you two young buggers want?" he grinned, as he fastened the buckle of his wide leather belt "We're taking Molly and her mate for a picnic Selwyn," Yanto replied Selwyn's nut brown, weathered face split into another grin.
  11. Mind you, both the bottom E and the top E strings rub against the woodwork between machines and nut, which is careless.
  12. Portions were given in scraps of paper and eaten with the fingers, the locals expertly peeling a boiled potato like a squirrel with a nut.
  13. It have been pouring down with rain on a wet Saturday afternoon, but the sight of Best, haircut shimmying in unison with his hips as he splayed three hard nut halfbacks, was Manchester's version of Hollywood on legs.

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