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Перевод: number speek number

число; количество; большое количество; многочисленность ; группа ; компания ; номер ; экземпляр ; выпуск ; что-либо заметное; что-либо бросающееся в глаза; кто-либо, привлекающий внимание; кто-либо, вызывающий симпатию; сумма ; цифра ; числительное; размер ; ритм ; стихи ;
нумеровать; номеровать; насчитывать; причислять; причислить; зачислять; числиться; быть в числе; считать; пересчитывать; рассчитываться


  1. You have to know where you are all the time; this means you must know what mile number you are at, so on day 4 you may be at mile 47.
  2. The PCX format starts with a 128 byte header giving various general details, including bits/pixel, the number of bit planes, and the size of the image in pixels.
  3. "Look, it so happens that a number of people have dropped out of the scheme for one reason or another, and there's now a place for you at the end of the team.
  4. Can you think of another solid figure with the same number of plane faces as letters in its name?
  5. It was evident that the areas with an older farm population and predominantly stock enterprises - Derbyshire and Wester Ross - had the highest number claiming fatigue as a limitation.
  6. A number of reservations can readily be identified.
  7. After the girl had calmed down enough to operate her scanning equipment, a number of hairline fractures had been revealed and a torn muscle.
  8. In the amount of business that they do, and the number of services they provide, the library suppliers now play a major role - some would say, too large - in the development of library services.
  9. One of the consequences of rising female employment has been a growth in the number of "dual-worker" families.
  10. At this point it is interesting to note that a number of Wordsworth's opinions on colour and air of the lakeland landscape are very similar to Green's.
  11. Information about depreciation rates must be derived from a number of different sources.
  12. Police said a number of suspect devices were found inside a vehicle at a checkpoint in Coalisland, Co Tyrone, and a number of arrests were made.
  13. It's true, on the one hand, yes, you have a surprising number of women experts who are gardeners - usually that's a class-related thing.

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