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Перевод слова

Перевод: next speek next

следующий; ближайший; соседний; будущий;
потом; рядом; затем; после; дальше; в следующий раз; снова; около;
рядом; около


  1. The next event was just as successful, although it sailed closer to the wind.
  2. We are planning to get another newsletter out before the next one to give you all the details but if you want to know how to label the stuff before than give me a ring
  3. His next posting was to south-west Africa.
  4. Walter Swinburn finds it hard to believe Zilzal will ever be beaten and the son of Nureyev will attempt to extend his sequence to six out of six in next month's Breeders' Cup Mile in Florida.
  5. Any contributions for the next edition please send/give them to any of us.
  6. The next chapter will seek to show ways of working with the family as a whole.
  7. Perhaps the only member of the family who at times showed resentment was Sam, the next in line.
  8. Next day, a small but agitated devil knocks on the doors of Heaven.
  9. Clarke would do us all a big service if, in his next book, he could produce a law that sorts out the predictions that are too spineless from those that assume the human race to be capable of too much,
  10. After Neil's stint with Cozy Powell's band, he changed tack, adopting a more jazz-rock leaning with his next band, Colosseum II.
  11. Discussions went on for a year and cost TL about 500,000 in legal fees and other expenses, Vlitos says, "but they came up with a strong agreement which protected TL - a pygmy next to a corporate giant like JJ".
  12. Despite the reservations of his trainer he next went for the Melbourne Cup: he started even-money favourite, but pulled his way to the front in a slowly run race against the wishes of his jockey and faded in the straight to finish third.
  13. It is anticipated that life expectancy at birth will rise by 2-;3 years over the next 40 years.

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