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Перевод слова

Перевод: new speek new

недавнего происхождения; вновь обнаруженный; свежий; новый; вновь открытый; недавно приобретенный; современный; передовой; новейший; новомодный; новоявленный; недавний; незнакомый; неопытный; непривычный; иной; другой; обновленный; дополнительный;
недавно; только что; заново


  1. Julian Clary finds a flatmate in a new sitcom TERRY AND JULIAN, poker-faced chortle-merchant PAUL MERTON returns and Steve Martin gives legions of brainless admen ideas above their station with his classic nostalgia comedy DEAD MEAN DON'T WEAR PLAID.
  2. By the end of the decade, new electrification projects meant the writing was on the wall for the surviving English Electric-engined Class 205 and 207 units.
  3. For years articles like this have been heralding the "impending" arrival of a new British Standard for plain clay roofing tiles: good news was just around the corner.
  4. persons relatively new to the industry or who have recently started a new enterprise;
  5. She had the walls repapered, new carpets and furniture bought for every room and then sub-let it to her favourite Girls.
  6. The young starlet in the up and coming writers' guild, Antonella Black (What luck, at last the new Jane Suck) provided one half of one of the most interesting games of verbal tennis with Morrissey to date in Sounds on April 20 1985.
  7. James Capel predicts the new team can get profits moving from 5 million this year to 30 million next and 81 million in 1995.
  8. Our communion with God produces new qualities of life in us.
  9. "So," he said to change the subject, "how do you feel about yesterday in the light of a new day?"
  10. It is in the field of assessment that the new arrangements are likely to pose the most difficulties for teachers and distract them from their first task of finding their way into "the very queer and tortuous passages of children's minds".
  11. A new style of official entertaining came in at the Palace and still survives.
  12. When we published our reports on country houses at risk ( Tomorrow's Ruins, Silent Mansions and Endangered Domains ) we found that within two years up to two-thirds of the houses had found new owners or new uses.
  13. The German defenders had pulled out and, from their new positions, they had lost no time in setting up their mortars.

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