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Перевод: nest speek nest

гнездо; выводок птиц ; уютный уголок; гнездышко; притон ; лабиринт переулков ; группа однородных предметов;
вить гнездо; гнездоваться; гнездиться; вставлять; вмонтировать


  1. The researchers tried to bump up numbers by installing large wooden nest boxes (0.5 m x 0.5 m x 1.0m) on the top of telegraph poles throughout three plantations.
  2. For some of us, the homecoming of the bare-faced crows marks, more than anything else, the progress of the year: more than the sparrow's egg that fell from a nest in the guttering of a barn's roof; or, for that matter, the arrival of the hive bees to jostle around the gold gorse flowers; more than the toad crawling to the pond in which he was spawned; or the squeak of a hungry pipistrelle bat venturing out of hibernation on a warm, wet evening.
  3. As far back as the fourth century, one of the founding fathers of the Greek Orthodox Church, Saint Basil, reported with admiration and astonishment that a parent bird may risk its life for its nestlings by attempting to lure a predator away from the nest.
  4. "I was looking for a bird's nest to show Tory, Mummy."
  5. In M. racheliae and M. cassini the nest is built by a female and a multi-male party of two or three individuals.
  6. In the afternoon, there is an optional trip into Germany to see Hitler's "Eagle's Nest" and the magnificent scenery around Berchtesgaden.
  7. When they have arrived at the fully mobile stage of their development, but have not yet ventured off on their own, they may accompany their mother on short trips away from the "nest,.
  8. We had a nagging anxiety about this hedgehog because its nest was quite exposed, visible from the house, and a bit of a cowboy job, being nothing more than a loose, untethered football of leaves.
  9. Dead kittens are often devoured by their parents seemingly as a way of keeping the nest clean.
  10. Small details, that make fishing a constant source of delight: a bank of yellow flag by a tiny burn; where mountain everlasting grow; secret otter greens; where we saw a wildcat; a peregrine's nest; rutting red deer; black-throated divers.
  11. Her bedroom had become a nest.
  12. I can only assume she tried once too often to enter the nest, as the female died during the night.
  13. It was a lovely sight to see all the sleeping hens on their perch and exciting to open up the door in the morning to find they had laid eggs for our breakfast in the three nest boxes on the floor.

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