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Перевод слова

Перевод: necklace speek necklace

ожерелье; колье; монисто


  1. The necklace, bracelet, ring and earrings were displayed in a tan chamois leather box.
  2. Freya is usually depicted wearing a magic necklace forged in the sun called Brisingamen, and a cloak made of falcon's wings.
  3. Then three-quarters of Rokeya's olive-shaded face appeared bearing the same expression of suffering as it had all the years Lee had known her, relieved only by the same amethyst earrings and necklace of variegated amethyst chunks.
  4. Her bare foot stamped the ground and the necklace clattered.
  5. By the time he came back she was ready, looking like a spangled Christmas doll, her bone suit augmented by a scintillating green, three-tier necklace and bracelet, a startlingly flowered green hat, tight, incredibly high-heeled shoes of shiny green, and her fox stole.
  6. Dress your hair in the way I intended, put on my pearl necklace and -" Anne drew off her gold ring and carelessly dropped it on to the coverlet " - my wedding-ring.
  7. For after using his plastic seat in the conventional manner, he thought it would make a nice necklace.
  8. Among his many fine artefacts were the armour of ACHILLES, a golden throne for his mother, the necklace of Harmonia and the axe which split Zeus' skull, facilitating the birth of ATHENE.
  9. In fact, the best stories work like a toppled pack of cards: you realise at the end why the man couldn't have bought the pornography from the dodgy book-seller (he was blind) or why the couple shouldn't have wasted their savings on replacing the diamond necklace (it was paste) and think, Aha.
  10. Especially the woman in the necklace - the red there is wonderful late in the afternoon.
  11. If their complexion was their most celebrated feature, then perhaps a long necklace of perfect pearls.
  12. A beautiful diamond necklace which recently fetched 11,000 at Bonhams would be twice the price in an ordinary jewellers.
  13. The almost blue water tumbled over myriad falls and drops like pearls strung together on a necklace, each one challenging but nowhere desperate.

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