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Перевод слова

Перевод: nasty speek nasty

отвратительный; противный; мерзкий; гадкий; неприятный; грязный; непристойный; неприличный; скверный; злобный; угрожающий; опасный; ненастный; своенравный


  1. "Was it sad because its mummy was nasty to it?" he said.
  2. Interrogators always come in pairs, Mr Nice and Mr Nasty.
  3. "I don't think they wanted to kidnap me properly - just to give me and my family a nasty shock.
  4. Following a nasty knee injury against Shrewsbury in November 1984, when he was carried from the field with his leg cut to the bone, George played again, with massive strapping and padding the following Saturday, and in all the ensuing games, in considerable pain and in spite of his injury.
  5. a legendary monster said to have been born to a wealthy lady who had referred to a beggar's child as a nasty pig.
  6. Of course, the subject could be deceived and get a nasty shock.
  7. But I had the amp set with the treble full on, the presence full on and the bright switch kicked in before I could get close to what I'd call a classically nasty Telecaster bridge pickup tone.
  8. If they do then I'm sorry, but there is nothing vile or nasty about what we did.
  9. Give them a nasty shock; a surprise which is going to put you one step ahead before things have even started.
  10. In a fierce, raw and, at times, downright nasty battle, Barnes led his besieged troops to glory only to hit out in a variety of directions afterwards.
  11. I would like to thank you for helping my case by removing the names of my coauthors - Jim Bull and Robert Paxton - from the article "Why some insects look pretty nasty" (6 January, p 26).
  12. Your queen has a nasty way of scratching her nose, and your angel is in a sulk.
  13. Unfortunately, I fell on the gravel, severely grazing my knee and, what was worse, ruining one of my two pairs of stockings - nasty rayon objects which sagged at the knees and cost precious clothing coupons.

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