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Перевод: musket speek musket



  1. A musket and other accoutrements were provided from Ordnance, and pistols followed at the end of the year.
  2. "Pistols, more likely," said Allan, "and a musket or two.
  3. He checked his musket.
  4. The fighting which followed took place spasmodically as the moon emerged from behind a cloud or one side fired at the other's musket flashes and the Battle of Clifton turned out to be little more than a skirmish.
  5. It was from their gaunt tower houses that the feuding Maniot families of the eighteenth century bombarded each other with musket, cannon and rock, while a cowed population of serfs crept from their semi-troglodyte hovels between the fusillades.
  6. No major developments in military technology occurred but, significantly, in 1704 pikes were finally phased out, and in 1706 a musket and socket-bayonet became the standard small-arm.
  7. Disturbed by the noise, he scared off the invaders single-handed armed with a musket and then proceeded to defuse the explosives.
  8. This happened at the time when the long bow was finally succeeded by the musket and pike.
  9. Thiercelin drove the butt of his musket into his head, and the giant slumped dead or dying amidst the rubble.
  10. Boatswain", no doubt knew how to entertain an audience, just as the Shatford Players had done: " after it was entangled in the net, it received seventeen musket balls from the Greyhound Cutter" (Gosh!); " it was dragged to the shore by seven horses"
  11. He was alone; a single Russian with a musket could have slain him with ease, but with fixed bayonets none could fire.
  12. According to his wife "he was more afraid of the sun, or the black smoke of gunpowder, than he was of musket balls".
  13. So eager were the Highlanders to be in action that they charged forward prematurely, to be swept by further fire from the hated artillery as well as by musket shots from the opposing infantry and from a detachment under the 18-year-old later Major-General James Wolfe, posted on the royal left flank, which took them in enfilade.

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