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Перевод слова

Перевод: motor speek motor

движущий; двигательный; моторный; автомобильный;
двигатель ; мотор ; двигательный мускул; двигательный нерв; автомашина ; автомобиль ; моторная лодка;
ехать на автомобиле; везти на автомобиле


  1. Presentation varies greatly, from an almost exclusively sensory form to a predominantly motor form, and it has been described as "a variable constellation of signs of an acute peripheral neuropathy".
  2. If we carry on at that rate, and growth is actually accelerating, we will be the largest private motor insurer in two years.
  3. For example, with wet wings the Falke motor gliders, the Bergfalke and the Spatz all become viscous at the stall and will flick over if they are stalled during turns.
  4. Rolls-Royce Motor Cars is to cut 950 jobs at its plant in Crewe, Cheshire.
  5. The machine was examined by Home Office scientific experts in Huntingdon who found it used a battery-operated self-arming mechanism and was fired by a motor.
  6. However, three LCA crews saw a Very light above the mist and came in with three motor gun boat escorts.
  7. Prof Dr-Ing Ulrich Seiffert, head of research and development, VW; Steve Cropley, director, Haymarket Motoring Publications; Peter Robinson, European editor, Autocar Motor; Bob Murray, editor in chief, Autocar Motor
  8. In Seymour the House of Lords seemed to be principally concerned with manslaughter committed with a motor vehicle, but subsequent cases establish that the test of "obvious and serious risk of physical injury to some person" is applicable to offences using different methods, such as fire.
  9. In both experiments, subjects were trained initially to respond with different verbal labels to a set of visual stimuli and then received training on a motor task with these same stimuli.
  10. This owner called Judge, he got hold of me, promised me a motor car, a fur coat and I don't know what.
  11. The motor car is socially divisive in that while 50 per cent of the population of Britain have access to a car, the remaining 50 per cent do not and they are always the underprivileged sections of the community: the old, the young, the poor.
  12. Initial impressions are of a heavy tool (5.2kg), thanks to the motor size, with a very solid, compact feel, although the Skil is actually not that large a machine for its capacity.
  13. It has been predicted by motor industry scientists that by the year 2000 only half of cars will still use petrol, with methanol the next largest power source followed by diesel, liquefied petroleum gas and alcohol produced by biomass.

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