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Перевод слова

Перевод: mood speek mood

расположение духа; настроение; наклонение [грам.]; лад ; тональность


  1. The sagging morale and worsening of mood in the second half of 1941 was not solely determined by the changing fortunes on the eastern Front.
  2. That weekend found him in a sunny mood.
  3. The mood among the Labour campaign team has swung with the opinion polls.
  4. It chimed in with a mood of anti-tatisme in many countries, notably in France where the Chirac government used the Thatcher policy as a model in its privatization of state banks and other enterprises in 1984-;6.
  5. Mr Howarth, head of English and dabbler in psychology, interpreted the mood in the staffroom.
  6. For all the outward show of confidence among Tory front-men there was a real concern that the polls accurately reflected an anti-government mood and a disenchantment after 13 years of Tory rule.
  7. My mood improves.
  8. Go where the airline, if not the mood, will take you.
  9. It was a bad mood.
  10. Pople himself captured the mood of self-assurance and optimism that is the mark of these theoreticians at the end of the book he coauthored on the subject.
  11. On board, the mood has been informal and relaxed, not least because of the smell of the endless bouquets given to Mrs Major.
  12. The title of Rubin Rabinovitz's study, The Reaction Against Experiment in the English Novel, 1950-;1960 (1967), sums up part of the mood of the decade.
  13. Occasionally she was caught for a fraction of a second with images of a pig's cot wall with a black cat on it or a square stone chapel silhouetted in Sunday dusk, but these were inconsequential visitations, debris from the past uncovered by the rhythms of a particular song or the set and angle of a passing face, a passing mood.

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