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Перевод слова

Перевод: monkey speek monkey

обезьяна ; шалун ; проказник ; кривляка [разг.] ; пятьсот фунтов стерлингов; пятьсот долларов; копровая баба [тех.] ; тележка подъемного крана [тех.]; закладная ;
подшучивать; дурачиться; забавляться; передразнивать; неумело обращаться; портить; вмешиваться; соваться


  1. Mr Hardman was renowned for his sense of humour, as his contribution to an April Fool's Day edition of Moneybox , shows: "There's case law, so far as the setting up of a trust for a cat is concerned, or a dog, or a parrot or a monkey, but you don't have to have specific legislation in the Taxes Act because the normal rules follow.
  2. As the news of Monkey Mia spread, it became one of Australia's leading tourist attractions and was included on the itinerary of tour buses.
  3. An unlikely partnership has been formed between a tiny rhesus monkey and Meg, a Bull Terrier.
  4. The most important is the "monkey" thing.
  5. The problem arises when you fall from a screen above and land on "monkey features": wham bam, every single life lost! - smacked bums all round and general loss of brownie points.
  6. It was rather disappointing to grow up and find out that the sun didn't give a monkey's testicle whether it came out or not, but was in fact a non-sentient mass of gases radiating heat and light to earth, except in Scotland.
  7. There were demonstrators in monkey suits and even a man in a devil costume who served chilli to spectators.
  8. By Robin Denselow FELT: Me And A Monkey On The Moon (EL Acme24).
  9. It also causes a fatal Aids-like illness in some species of monkey.
  10. Spider Monkey
  11. FRIDAY LEEDS Film Festival Two weeks of varied film with a horror weekend (14/15 Oct), a George Romero retrospective with a screening of his new film Monkey Shines, various seminars, and two exhibitions, The Man Who Shot Garbo and 30 Years of Cuban Cinema.
  12. Anyone'd think you was a flea on the organ-grinder's monkey."
  13. "Roof slightly damaged - monkey's saved", reported Captain Hillyard.

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