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Перевод слова

Перевод: molest speek molest

приставать; досаждать


  1. He felt no fear that either the militia or the rebels would molest him or his men, since all the troubles were occurring in what he thought of as the richer areas.
  2. Patients molest nurses
  3. The Indians accordingly, with every kind of entreaty, implored Alexander to let no-one molest the animal.
  4. Neo-fascist orators play on fearful stereotypes of these outsiders: they all have Aids, they molest Japanese women, and they rob 24-hour grocery stores.
  5. "The English molest their children and love their dogs."
  6. Molest we forget
  7. They were scared of the dogs that had been bitten and strayed: scared that the jackals, gone mad, would come in from the forest and molest them in packs.
  8. Nothing could molest them.
  9. Neither brother was to molest nor disturb the other by making windows from which the other could be observed, but such arrangements could all too readily generate friction.
  10. They made no attempt to molest me in any way, and after having hugged the post for about five minutes they went over to see if any of the Museums were open.
  11. He tried to molest some poor girl at the Shakespeare School and got thrown out.
  12. "Before you do," said Epitot carefully, "you may care to reflect upon the fact that thanks to your neglect of the most elementary precautions, you have permitted a homicidal maniac to molest the body of one of our countrymen."
  13. I will pawn my life for her, she will never be so pert to your honour if you will be so good as to molest her no more.

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