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Перевод слова

Перевод: modest speek modest

скромный; сдержанный; застенчивый; благопристойный; умеренный; нетребовательный; неприхотливый; стеснительный


  1. Otherwise the Egyptians offered but modest resistance.
  2. The winner of the famous Paris-Roubaix event in April, Jean-Marie Wampers of Belgium, collected only 12 points to Dutchman Jelle Nijdam's 16 for victory in the modest Paris-Tours race.
  3. The idealism of Modigliani's youth re-emerges in this letter which reveals him as modest, humane and a proud father.
  4. The designs were by Hanns Ebensten, his last collaboration with John, because he gave up his ambitions to make a career in stage design after he had visited the homes of two other ballet designers, both highly regarded and much in demand, but both living in very modest circumstances.
  5. (In this way, the washing up for this modest roast dinner can be kept down to the absolute minimum.)
  6. At West Ham the club was run by two families involved locally in business on a modest scale.
  7. It takes a relatively modest amount of scientific evidence to have a substance banned.
  8. More recently, the Tote has used its modest profits to acquire a chain of still more modestly profitable betting shops.
  9. Some of the Scourie trout, released into small lochs as tiny fish, have grown to enormous size and are known affectionately by name: Ethel, stocked by Stan Tuer when she was a modest girl of five inches, now estimated to weigh at least 5lb; Arthur, estimated to weigh 6lb.
  10. I had twenty-four kronor of Swedish money, which I thought a handsome sum, but it proved sufficient to buy only one hopelessly modest open sandwich, like the bottom half of a hamburger bun with a menopausal piece of lettuce and eight marble-sized meatballs on top.
  11. During its 1947 eruption, the Icelandic volcano Hekla ejected ash at a rate estimated to be nearly 100,000 cubic metres per second during the first half hour, slowing down subsequently to a more modest 30,000 cubic metres per second.
  12. Sandstones in the Carboniferous have given modest gas flows in Co.
  13. It was to her own surprise that Muriel Box, the director of 14 modest budget feature films between 1951 and 1964, found herself an inspiration and a role model for a new generation of women film-makers, critics and students.

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