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Перевод: mission speek mission

миссия ; командировка ; делегация ; миссионерская деятельность; сборник миссионерских проповедей; миссионерская организация; резиденция миссионера; цель ; призвание; предназначение; поручение; задание; боевая задача;
посылать с поручением; вести миссионерскую работу


  1. For all his-lofty declarations of the Christian mission to liberate the enslaved subjects of Communism, when they pleaded for liberation he remained deaf, if it meant risking war.
  2. THE first black to command a US space mission, Air Force Colonel Fred Gregory, led a team of specialists aboard the space shuttle, Discovery, last night, for a secret mission believed to be the deployment of a spy satellite.
  3. Hoomey thought Nails would make for home, the mission accomplished, but he seemed disposed to come in Hoomey's direction.
  4. She never returned from that mission; it is believed that an explosion took place while she was directly over the site of the volcano.
  5. In 1971 Oleg Lyalin, a KGB officer working at the Russian trade mission in London, defected to MI6 and gave enough information about Russian espionage activities to justify the prime minister, Edward Heath, expelling an unprecedented 105 Russian diplomats from Britain.
  6. I assured him I was only on a romantic, misty-eyed mission, though secretly I was wishing I'd sent the birthday card instead to Winston Place.
  7. The missions are mercifully short so you'll often lose it only seconds from home, encouraging you to have another try to get through one more mission.
  8. Through the A.P.F., with its central fund, its National Directors in every country, and its international co-operation, the universal character of the Catholic Faith is brought home to us, and great hope for the future of the Church in the world is given to us, as we see the vigour and variety of its progress in the mission lands.
  9. Our celebrations will open with a Mass in Westminster Cathedral at 1.30 pm in the afternoon of 22nd October, Mission Sunday.
  10. It can also give to the Germans a sense that they have a particular mission to fulfil in life.
  11. But one can be too political about mission, or the work of preaching, as contemporary churchmen would have called it.
  12. Disco, on the other hand, was intended to study the Sun from the Earth's vicinity and provide a sideways-on look at our local star while the International Solar Polar Mission craft flew over the top.

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