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Перевод слова

Перевод: miss speek miss

промах ; любовница ; осечка ; отсутствие; потеря ; выкидыш ; мисс ; барышня ; девица ; девочка ;
промахнуться; не достичь цели; выпустить; выпадать; пропустить; не заметить; прозевать; упустить; упускать; не услышать; не посетить; обнаружить отсутствие или пропажу; недоставать; скучать; соскучиться; хватиться; чувствовать отсутствие; избежать


  1. "Obviously it would be stupid to say we will not miss the Orrell lads," admitted Grayson.
  2. These people, Miss Schlegel, invented Disneyland and now want to turn the rest of the world into a theme park, too, by bribing ancient and civilised peoples to caper and prance for thuggish tourists.
  3. The company was seated round card tables in the drawing-room, with the exception of Miss Phoebe in her usual chair and the Captain who was warming his backside at the great fire, glass in hand.
  4. Miss Harker jumped back with a stifled cry and put up her hands to protect herself.
  5. The first came in 1977-;8 against Australia and he began with fifties in his first three innings, only to join the Packer brigade and miss out for a couple of years.
  6. Like sparks - sparks!" said the Captain, not caring for Miss Jarman's sensitivities now.
  7. Bristol Deaf Centre took a very near miss when much of the square around it was reduced to rubble in a heavy air-raid.
  8. Miss Phoebe's!
  9. In October 1944 the Leaders faced the problem of redecorating the Primary School room which had been handed back to the church after having been in use during the War as a First Aid Post for a unit of the St John's Ambulance Brigade led by Miss Mary Lutton.
  10. Miss Kenton was still standing out in the hall where I had first spotted her.
  11. Regular England players would now miss only seven of the 17 games, as opposed to a possible 13 under the present system.
  12. Miss Florence and Miss Belle leant against each other, and Miss Rene, trying to quell her own laughter, admonished her sisters: "Stop spluttering, you two.
  13. Miss Beard gave a final small giggle.

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