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Перевод слова

Перевод: Minor speek Minor

минорит [ист.] ; францисканец


  1. This applies to us as well, if in a more minor way.
  2. The most important capital market imperfections occur in equity markets, making them a relatively minor source of new capital for companies, and in credit markets, which in some circumstances can cause credit rationing.
  4. At the cadenza, she stumbled down the keyboard with something that had elements of a flourish but ended up sounding more like a digital coronary, an awful, shaming collapse of the fingers that, at the last minute, recovered itself and looked as if it might turn into something like the chord of A minor.
  5. The great eye-opener for the Irish in New Zealand wasn't just the style of the All Blacks, but the style and consistent play of the ordinary sides - schools, clubs and even minor provincial teams observed in the usual plethora of curtainraisers before the Irish matches.
  6. Notably, he ran up against director Henry Hathaway who was known as one of the toughest directors in the business, and Hopper had a minor role in From Hell to Texas .
  7. Below this top crust was a growing group which included teachers, notaries, minor government functionaries and moderately successful traders.
  8. Jagger's only real success was Performance , Bowie gave a critically applauded performance in The Man Who Fell To Earth , Sting made Quadrophenia for Franc Roddam and then drifted into minor, unsuccessful films.
  9. The news was good: minor cuts, nothing deep, anti-tetanus injections just in case, mild sedative for shock.
  10. While working on the new opera, Don Giovanni , he also completed two string quintets, K.515 in C and K.516 in G minor - one of his greatest works in that key; the Violin Sonata in A, K.526; and two small-scale "divertimento-style" pieces, the exquisite serenade Eine Kleine Nachtmusik , and its antithesis, Ein musikalischer Spss (A Musical Joke), which, in its wealth of wrong notes and inept harmonies, is obviously intended to be a satire on incompetent composers.
  11. The remaining 56 are the Minor Arcana, and are similar to ordinary playing cards.
  12. By the end of the second century AD marble veneer and sculptures from Greece and Asia Minor were shipped as far as London.
  13. You have always preferred young voices: Schwarzkopf and Gedda on the 1952 recording of the B minor Mass that you made partly in Vienna with the Singverein and partly in London with the soloists.

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