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Перевод слова

Перевод: miniature speek miniature

миниатюра ; заставка ; макет ;
изображать в миниатюре


  1. Ilford Launch XP2 In Roll and Miniature Film
  2. Make a miniature for a table or have a larger pair on either side of the front door.
  3. Now is the time to start taking cuttings of miniature roses.
  4. A splatter of sparks fell like miniature stars, the light flickered for a fraction of a second, hissed venomously and then splat again into darkness and silence.
  5. Gardening in miniature can be just as rewarding, keep pots and plants in proportion and position where they can be viewed in detail
  6. cream/yellow, miniature
  7. In 1987, I would be here in rue Trablos again to find that the grass had formed a miniature jungle, that the bushes had become trees that sometimes grew taller than the ruins, small groves and forests of dark, luxuriant foliage moving gently in the hot breeze.
  8. He has strong, agile and indeed superb hands; in the palm of his raised, right hand he holds out to you a miniature city, complete with dome, bridges and towers, the freedom of which he is offering you and which he has promised to protect.
  9. The second striking principle is that the larvae that live in the plankton are not, usually, simply miniature or immature versions of the adults.
  10. On the road outside the house, spilling into the gardens, sometimes into the doorways, a sort of miniature Calgary stampede was taking place.
  11. Here and there, a miniature Halfpenny Bridge of stone curved over the winding brook.
  12. white/yellow, miniature
  13. In some places you can find dozens of enrolled trilobites together; these are the remains of the animals themselves, not the moults, which presumably perished together after a fruitless attempt to protect themselves from a miniature catastrophe such as a sudden influx of sediment.

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