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Перевод слова

Перевод: militia speek militia

милиция ; народное ополчение; милиционная армия


  1. Until their dissolution in 1832, the Militia was the most numerous body in the archipelago.
  2. Militia and regular troops were soon encamped throughout the Southern Counties and a camp was established at Lodge Park, Liskeard.
  3. They rarely meet opposition from the village militia, who have no training and not enough ammunition to put up a fight even if they wanted to.
  4. With a militia from Grande Ronde mustering, Lieutenant Forse arrived with a troop from Fort Walla Walla on 10th September.
  5. Meantime, there was a lot happening just down the street to capture his attention, as troop after troop of soldiers passed through Frome on their way somewhere else: 300 of the Staffordshire Militia came in April of 1799, replaced by an equal number of the same later in the month; then the 300-strong Somerset Supplementary Militia arrived from Wells, complete with their own band, followed by the glorious Fifteenth Light Dragoons - "It is supposed that these are the finest men and horses of any regiment in England"; and the next year no fewer than nine hundred men of the Seventeenth Regiment of Light Dragoons came at one go.
  6. A very much older man, himself conscripted into the mujahidun, (a part-time militia), interrupted: "And fourth: everyone's going into the army.
  7. Camille Chamoun's power was ultimately founded upon his Nimr (Tigers) militia, commanded by his son Dany, who was himself to be a declared candidate for the presidency of Lebanon in the aborted 1988 elections.
  8. Then the Israelis entered west Beirut, their Lebanese militia colleagues massacred the Palestinians in Sabra and Chatila and European armies established themselves in Beirut.
  9. The militia also threatened factory workers not to become involved in last month's decisive general strike against Communist rule.
  10. Strongholds of the so-called Dignity Battalions civil militia in Panama City had yet to be reduced, and some tough street fighting lay ahead, Pentagon officials said.
  11. And then a series of extraordinary dialogues began between the woman and the militia, and with groups of demonstrators who clustered round the militias, all along the street.
  12. Had he pressed on he might none the less have taken Newcastle, which contained many Jacobite sympathisers, but while he dallied, turning aside to Hexham, 15 miles 24 km west of the city, the Newcastle magistrates called out the militia and trained bands, mobilised a force of 700 tough keelmen, who worked on the lighters in the harbour, patched up the ancient city wall, though they lacked cannon to defend it, and bricked up the gates.
  13. second son of the Duke of Northumberland and commander of the Northumberland militia in London during the Gordon riots ( see GORDON, LORD GEORGE).

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