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Перевод: methodology speek methodology



  1. Barbara Conroy, in her book on library staff development discusses evaluation in terms of how far stated objectives have been achieved, and emphasizes that although evaluation requires careful identification of what is being evaluated and why, to decide the "how, when and where", of evaluation if it is to be more than "just a way of channelling impressionistic information into a required report form", that it is not a highly "esoteric" activity, necessarily involving "complex research methodology".
  2. Certainly, it may be admitted that as a consequence of challenges to humanism, the overt force of the national concept within English studies has been diminished (but far from extinguished), and the space for a new and valuable concern with methodology has been opened up.
  3. Though definitions of what is the appropriate methodology for a subject tend to shift over time, at present, teachers of certain subjects - modern languages in particular - seem strongly inclined to a transmission approach to teaching.
  4. When the Scottish physicist David Brewster protested against Lyell s principle of uniformity, he invoked biblical considerations to justify an alternative methodology.
  5. He never actually says this in his publications, rather the reverse, but he offers a methodology that focuses away from the child.
  6. Interested parties will find in it an array of (other people's) opinion that can be dazzling, for postmodern methodology has ensured that a little bit of everything (from a quartermaster's appraisal of the value of art to a consideration of Santa Barbara's peacocks) is included.
  7. An example in relation to which the opponents of the ordination of women might be expected to agree that they were making use of such a methodology is the case of slavery.
  8. Ideas, materials and methodology used all tend to come into the country from outside.
  9. Its relative freedom from the demands of traditional methodology even produces what is in some ways a stronger account of an autonomous, integrated subject, which includes both objective and subjective characteristics.
  10. Educational technology is a theory and a set of hypotheses; it is a habit of mind, and a readily applicable methodology; it is far too early to claim for it that it has a large body of accepted practice.
  11. Olson adopted a public choice methodology but used it to produce striking anti-pluralist criticisms in the tradition of elite theory.
  12. While at the hand of a Gabo, a Victor Vasareley or a Ben Nicholson its poetry enjoys analogy and metaphor, its strength is based on scientific methodology, inductive and deductive reasoning (ref: "The Design Spectrum", Chapter 15).
  13. She said: "The methodology is oversimplistic and frankly crude.

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