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Перевод слова

Перевод: mess speek mess

беспорядок ; кутерьма ; путаница ; бестолковщина ; грязь ; неприятность ; группа людей, питающихся за общим столом; общий стол; столовая ; общее питание; старшинская кают-компания; блюдо; кушанье; похлебка ; болтушка ; месиво; варево; лажа [сл.] ; бардак ;
производить беспорядок; пачкать; грязнить; портить дело; обедать за общим столом; обедать совместно; столоваться вместе; лодырничать; испражняться; обоссать [сл.]


  1. Do small quantities at a time, because the grinding together of individual particles as you wash it makes more brown nasty mess to cloud your water.
  2. Or is it White Collared Dog Mess?
  3. Often, when I switched on the light to make sure that the dish was scraped clean, I was disgusted at the mess I had been eating.
  4. Doing that on the victim's head "leaves your hair in one hell of a mess, so after that we all had camomile shampoos from glamorous coiffeuses in white tunics".
  5. But if the worst really came to the worst in Japan, the resulting mess could not simply be welcomed as come-uppance.
  6. We were like each other; she knew what she wanted and she didn't mess around.
  7. The air pressure forced me to my knees and I watched while the wind screwed great oak trees out of the earth and then dropped them in a mess of green leaves and splintered wood.
  8. The surgeon took one look at my eyes and said, bluntly: "Well, they're a right mess, aren't they?".
  9. The former '80s high flier is already well on the way to digging itself out of the mess it got itself into a few years back.
  10. He's a great coach and organiser, and in my view there's nobody better qualified to sort out the Everton mess.
  11. Brigadier Scott is taken to the Sergeants' Mess to meet the Mess members, all of Whom have played vital parts either as instructors or in the administrative support of the recruits' training, prior to lunching in the Officers' Mess.
  12. The mess waiters remained expressionless and imperturbable."
  13. "You mess with me, Breakspear," he said in a deceptively mild voice, "and I'll rip your spine out of your asshole."

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