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Перевод слова

Перевод: mercenary speek mercenary

корыстный; торгашеский; наемный;


  1. The Comoros presidential guard yesterday used teargas and clubs to disperse about 1,000 student protesters demanding that the French mercenary, Mr Bob Denard, and his men go home.
  2. France has decided to cut off aid to the Comoros Islands until the French mercenary, Mr Bob Denard, and his men, who seized control 10 days ago, leave the archipelago, government sources said yesterday.
  3. England have encouraged these players to hold mercenary attitudes and many feel, as I do, this is outside the spirit in which the game should be played.
  4. As one pro-contra advertisement put it, appealing for 53 cents a day to support a mercenary called "Charley" and his machine-gun, "There is no "country" called Nicaragua, only a nation of people living under a totalitarian regime."
  5. He was a Protestant mercenary from Moravia who foresaw Habsburg victory and joined up on the side of the emperor.
  6. Nigel Terry plays him most intelligently, not just as a mercenary hit-man but as a soft-spoken scholar obsessed by mortality.
  7. From the mid eleventh century at latest the paid knight and the mercenary became common.
  8. Even this gesture, a mercenary movement, had about it the lilt of broken syllables.
  9. No wonder, Paulos argues, that in a society in which such lapses are common, and indeed go unremarked, the citizenry should be prey to every form of delusion and chicanery, political or mercenary.
  10. But even the most mercenary of foreign firms grows a little queasier about trading with a regime which shoots dead its citizens, and then tries to score popularity points by offering convict labour to foreign factories; and even the most unreconstructed optimist can see that the resurgence of hard-line Marxists in the Peking power structure is likely to militate against further free-market reforms.
  11. Both novels see the world in colonial colours - as determined by empires, in the furtherance of which races have defeated and enslaved each other, in which they have met and married, in which a black mercenary might marry a daughter of Venice.
  12. The mercenary ones simply put up with them and pretend that they love them for what they can get out of them.

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