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Перевод слова

Перевод: mental speek mental

умственный; производимый в уме; мысленный; психический; ненормальный; помешанный; чокнутый; подбородочный;
ненормальный ; псих


  1. In some cases, the result will be a severe reduction in the level of mental ability, but in some cases, the damage to the brain will cause mental and physical handicap, known as cerebral palsy.
  2. The model of mental functioning we have been elaborating here shows clearly that the evolutionary direction in higher organisms has been particularly focused in the development of cognition.
  3. If it is really necessary to think of mental states as having qualitative content (and see Dennett, 1988, for some powerful arguments that it is not), then it follows from functionalism that such qualia do not have causal interactions with other mental states or behaviour and are mere epiphenomena.
  4. From Ray Milland's alcoholic in Lost Weekend (1945) to Jack Nicholson in One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest (1975) and Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man (1988), actors have increased their Oscar chances by portraying physical or mental defectives.
  5. The incidence of mental handicap can also be prevented by its early detection in the womb through medical tests.
  6. Not only is measles a killer, but it also causes blindness, deafness and mental handicap in thousands of children every year.
  7. And there was the original Stella up on her stool not being able to believe what she was seeing, going mental, screaming, That's my sister, it's my long lost fucking sister .
  8. That is to say, they behave like three-year-olds on false belief tasks even if their mental ages are, by other criteria, well above three years.
  9. The causal chain between stimulus and response had a kind of inevitability, an independence from processes which we would normally regard as mental: it by-passed our knowledge of the friend's personality, history, and basic assumptions about human motivation, the orderliness of conduct, and so forth.
  10. In either situation the mental health state of the woman may be significant.
  11. It's called "Visual Tennis" and offers the viewer a comprehensive approach to learning the game based on visualisation and mental imagery.
  12. Although we cannot be categorical in relation to the cases in this study, other research has indicated that psychiatrists rarely trouble themselves with the social circumstances of individuals referred, and are rather preoccupied with evidence of mental disorder (Bean, 1980).
  13. Things that we don't want to remember may be indelibly engraved on the mind, little eroded even by time, but million of unimportant things are blissfully forgotten - which is just as well for our mental health!

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