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Перевод: measure speek measure

мера ; предел ; единица измерения; масштаб ; мерило; критерий ; мерка ; размер ; степень ; мероприятие; делитель ; метр ; такт ; пласты определенной геологической формации; ширина столбца; танец ; свита ;
измерять; мерить; вымерять; снимать мерку; обмерить; обмеривать; промеривать; смерить; отмерять; отмеривать; отсчитывать; оценивать; определять; иметь размеры; мериться; мериться силами; соразмерять; соответствовать; регулировать; покрывать


  1. But above all I would hope to go home with a faith in some measure renewed by the experience of seeing close at hand how many of the Peruvians live theirs.
  2. Where a government is very keen to press on with its programme, and where it can foresee that it would otherwise be frustrated by pressure of time, it can move that a timetable be adopted for a particular measure and, if the House so resolves, the Business Committee of the House will arrange a programme for a particular Bill, setting aside a specific number of days for each stage.
  4. The use of sacred measure and proportion has been developed by many researchers to postulate a geometrical pattern across the land, extending Watkins' ley theory into wider concepts of "landscape geometry", and we have already looked at the work of Tyler, Lawton and Koop in exploring wider patterns.
  5. It was in fact anticipated that the establishment of the Library Instruction Materials Bank (LIMB) in 1977 would remove some of the duplication in production, but there has been only a small measure of success here.
  6. I gave him a full deflection burst for good measure and then my ammunition ran out.
  7. Blue Streak was unlikely to measure up to this requirement.
  8. That's the measure of the man.
  9. It would equally be an offence to seek to bribe a Member in order to persuade him to support or oppose a particular measure, although the boundaries here are hard to define.
  10. In fact it has been a dazzling success, by almost every measure.
  11. Government monitoring stations measure levels of pollutants such as nitrogen oxides or low-level ozone but fail to publicise them widely.
  12. Hand in hand with this measure goes an equally bold re-focusing of Labour's strategy concerning marginal constituencies.
  13. Confidence is hard to measure, so worries about it are easy to dismiss - but when it goes you can generally tell by counting the dole queues.

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