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Перевод слова

Перевод: means

средство; способ ; богатство; состояние


  1. This means that more land than needed is planned for.
  2. This means trying to claw back the pay rises extracted by workers since deregulation of food prices on 1 August: butter has since then gone up 1,000 per cent, meat by 700 per cent.
  3. "We hope this extra cash means that doctors who wish to give condoms from the surgery will be able to do so," a spokeswoman said.
  4. This is what Eliot means by insisting: "It is necessary to consider Pound's literary pronouncements in the light of the circumstances in which they were written"
  5. If this occurs then be encouraged, it means that you are beginning to get your presentation right.
  6. He advocates the instinct, the imagination, the unconsciousness, by means of the intelligence which he esteems so far beneath them.
  7. King George III used every means to manipulate the House of Lords into throwing out the India Bill and in Lord Rosebery's rotund phrase: "The Peers, who yearned for lieutenancies or regiments; for stars or strawberry leaves; the prelates who sought a larger sphere of usefulness; the minions of the bedchamber and the janissaries of the closet; all, temporal or spiritual, whose convictions were unequal to their appetite, rallied to the royal nod."
  8. Off road means parkland and rough terrain.
  9. Joint control means that both parents have the ability to exercise decisive influence over, and must agree on, the activities of the joint venture.
  10. Programmed learning can be carried out by the user of a variety of media - books, automatic projection of slides, or by means of a computer-aided instruction (CAI).
  11. This also means that the interviewers are relieved of the problem of having to remember what questions are to be asked and, even more, the interviewer is relieved of having to enter the responses after the interview has ended, as in the case when no notes are taken, or only sketchy abbreviations of replies are made during the interview.
  12. To make an audio dub, the sound is transferred from the source recording by means of a cable connection.
  13. He must start planning for contingencies, which means dropping stalwarts as well as those over whom questions still loom.

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