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Перевод слова

Перевод: matter speek matter

вещество; материал ; оригинал ; гной ; материя ; содержание; сущность ; предмет обсуждения; предмет ; дело; вопрос ; повод ; рукопись ;
иметь значение; гноиться


  1. He said it was crucial that the matter be settled quickly so that the police could "continue unhindered with the important tasks that lie ahead".
  2. As has already been described (Chapter 4), matter is composed of particles which may or may not be charged.
  3. It's a matter of security."
  4. "Doesn't matter but he must be nice," Sarah pulled thoughtfully at her pink hair ribbon.
  5. "What's the matter?
  6. But nowadays only a small fraction of raw materials is supplied internally, and drug innovation is far less a matter of luck.
  7. I mean, you're quite a bit older than me and that doesn't matter, either."
  8. Lord Aldington said his earlier statements that he left the area between 25 and 29 May were made before he had properly researched the matter and before he realised his departure date was crucial.
  9. He reported the matter to Jacques and the problem was quickly resolved in discussion and correspondence between Elvin, Jacques and Hickson.
  10. The result is an emphasis on the subject matter of general practice as a biomedical phenomenon, concomitantly ignoring or minimizing the need for psychosocial knowledge or skills.
  11. The Karma of the Eastern mind is so similar to the interdependent forces that scientists such as Schrodinger claim are both the stuff of matter and the stuff of thought, that Yogis might rightfully claim that karma does exist because Western science has proved it .
  12. I would of course have to write to Miss Kenton to tell her I might be passing by; I would also need to see to the matter of the costumes.
  13. Colin Powell, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, put the matter most clearly (which is getting to be a habit) when he testified to Congress on February 19th.

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