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Перевод слова

Перевод: match speek match

спичечный; равносильный;
спичка ; пара ; запальный фитиль; огнепровод ; люди или вещи, подходящие под пару; подобранная пара; ровня ; равносильный противник; достойный противник; матч ; состязание; брак ; партия ;
подходить под пару; соответствовать; подбирать под стать; подбирать под пару; подгонять; пригонять; выравнивать; противостоять; состязаться; противопоставлять; сопоставлять; сравнивать; совпадать; отождествлять; отождествляться; женить; выдавать замуж; сватать; сосватать; сочетать; случать; случаться; спаривать; спариваться


  1. After the heights scaled in that quarter-final, Ireland plunged to six feet under in this match proving, in the course of the game, that the only predictable thing about them is their unpredictability.
  2. Lady Campbell, crimson with rage to match her gown, indicated her daughter.
  3. Though cynics would see their union as a match made in a PR's wildest dream, there is no doubting that their intentions towards each other are honourable.
  4. Despite my appeals to postpone the match, things kept bashing away in front of me.
  5. But Manor ran away with the match in the second half, scoring seven more goals.
  6. The rules which govern the Australian limited-over game - and particularly the computation of the result of a match interrupted or curtailed by weather - permit no latitude of interpretation.
  7. STEVE DAVIS, the defending champion, lost his quarter-final clash with Ken Doherty in the most humiliating circumstances when he forfeited the deciding frame and the match on the "miss" rule at the Benson and Hedges Irish Masters at Goff's, County Kildare.
  8. "It was an important match for me.
  9. The written sources are almost silent about the subject of internal trade, just as the details of overseas trade do not match the volume of archaeological evidence.
  10. In a furious outburst after their match at Highfield Road, Atkinson described Villa's performance as "the worst since I took over".
  11. They are also able to add vitamins and minerals in the form of premixes, to match the requirements for growth, or work etc.
  12. In the lone match division one, Bohunt "A" dropped only one game against Witley when Tony Nash and Josie Frost got home by just two points.
  13. Nancarrow, on his third match point, at 9-;9, played another drop which was not that tight and Marshall, closing in to drive it deep, was obstructed and asked for a let.

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