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Перевод: masterpiece speek masterpiece



  1. In the case of Bankside Power Station, the ultimate "temple of power" and a masterpiece of industrial architecture by a major twentieth-century British architect, our historic building system is being perverted for purely political reasons.
  2. Another spring masterpiece is a baby sole served on the bone so that its glutinous quality matches exactly a beurre blanc made of sherry and Madeira.
  3. Devey has created a masterpiece of the Victorian Picturesque.
  4. "It was a masterpiece of harmony," wrote Littman, "which can be attained when men see to it that their handiwork blends with their natural surroundings.
  5. GOTZ Friedrich's 1977 staging of Der Freischutz, soberly revived at Covent Garden by Wolfgang Bucher, makes a straightforward and unambitious introduction to Weber's melodious nervy masterpiece about the young huntsman who tries to cheat his way to the head ranger's job and daughter with magic bullets.
  6. It is hardly surprising, in the circumstances, that the heir to the throne and his advisers, including the trustees of his new Institute of Architecture, are currently showing a keen interest in the future of Chambers' masterpiece.
  7. Everyone dreams of finding a masterpiece in the attic.
  8. Where the actual film is unfocused, slack and sentimental, the trailer for Uncle Buck is a minor masterpiece.
  9. Unexpectedly three of the seven items are of Mozart-an early little sonata which he magicks into the status of masterpiece, as well as the late B minor Adagio and Rondo in D. The best-known of Schubert's Moments Musicaux, the little F minor, is given a chirpily personal reading, before he tackles three Liszt pieces, the Fantasy based on Schubert's Serenade as well as the Valses-Caprices nos 6 and 7.
  10. But, according to the guide book, Notre Dame was regarded by contemporary opinion as a masterpiece of 19th-century gothic architecture.
  11. This first major work of his (1928) came swiftly to be recognised as a masterpiece here and abroad and secured for Keeton an early Cambridge LLD.
  12. Either book could be considered the masterpiece of someone whom I think of as among the most gifted authors now at work in England.
  13. We Christians might want to interpret things differently, yet in his masterpiece, "The Wreck of the Deutschland", the Jesuit nineteenth-century poet, Gerard Manley Hopkins, found himself writing these lines:

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