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Перевод слова

Перевод: marksman speek marksman

меткий стрелок


  1. SHELL-SHOCKED West Ham missed the chance to steal second place from Division One promotion rivals Tranmere last night after being shot down by Rovers' ace marksman John Aldridge.
  2. Among his talents was that he was the most deadly marksman in Western Europe.
  3. The Manchester City marksman is being tipped to win his first cap after surging clear of the pack as the country's top scorer.
  4. So Taylor took Lineker into the European Championship as his first choice marksman, but with big doubts about what he would contribute.
  5. Both were equally unsteady platforms for a marksman but that didn't preclude one of them getting killed by a chance shot.
  6. Ian's 27 goals that season represent the club record in the higher divisions of the Football League, while his 87 (correct to the end of 1990-;91) is also a best in Divisions One and Two in the Palace club history and, towards the end of February 1991, he became our most prolific post-war marksman, ahead of Johnny Byrne.
  7. The Wednesday player-boss contacted Rovers last night in a bid to fill the void left by England marksman David Hirst's month-long injury absence.
  8. Having failed to reach a cross about five yards over his head in training yesterday the irrepressible Rangers marksman clambered on the shoulders of towering team-mate Dave McPherson and chirped: "I'll get the next one!"
  9. Albert was without question a brilliant marksman.
  10. It was a remark he should have reserved for an aging Peruvian marksman called Cubillas.
  11. Nottingham City, originally named Mansfield Marksman after a lager, remain marooned in the depths of the Second Division.
  12. And the 22-year-old marksman saved his best for last.
  13. Carl is really a fine marksman - an excellent shot.

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