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Перевод слова

Перевод: Mark speek Mark

[имя собственное]


  1. Small cairns mark sections where landslides and floods have eaten out great half moons.
  2. Scorers for Timberland were Mike Travers, Ian Cain, Mark Scorey and Dave Evans-Turner who notched up his first ever goal.
  3. This is as much for their protection as ours," says Gatfield (see Mark Melton's and Mark Boomla's articles for details of the legal and financial aspects of recording, publishing and other contracts).
  4. It also throws light on the guilt-feeling associated with sex, which is a distinguishing mark of nineteenth century morality.
  5. "Although we consolidate using spreadsheets at the moment, we find that it is quite a lot of hard work," says finance director Mark Nabakov.
  6. STEVE BRACE, Britain's leading runner in the ADT London Marathon tomorrow, has warned race favourites Mark Plaatjes and Yakov Tolstikov that it's anyone's race for the the 32,000 first prize.
  7. CRASH survivor Mark Hayden could hold the key to an horrific accident in which two of his Army colleages died, police believe.
  8. He really is thrown in on the form of Jokester was out of the handicap when an excellent runner-up that day, and now races off a stone lower mark.
  9. Mark up
  10. Mark Bishop is running one
  11. The Lewes trainer was cleared in August of passing weights to jockey son Mark after Carfax had won at Lingfield in February.
  12. Mark this reason.
  13. It often seems to me that the lay of the land itself reveals the angle from which a mark is meant to be approached.

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