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Перевод слова

Перевод: maritime speek maritime

морской; приморский


  1. The climate of the Outer Hebrides is such that much of the moorland vegetation belongs to the one of the mire types, and grades into maritime heath near the sea.
  2. The period culminated in the two great Peace Conferences of 1899 and 1907 at The Hague, which led to the conclusion of thirteen Conventions and four Declarations, covering land and maritime warfare generally, as well as many particular aspects, such as the specific conventions covering the laying of mines, the carrying out of naval bombardments and so on.
  3. To replace the depleted vegetation a range of species were planted on the island in the nineteenth century, including the maritime pine ( Pinus pinaster ) and blackwood ( Acacia melanoxylon ), as well as a variety of herbs and shrubs which have now established specific vegetation zones.
  4. All the principal tutors of NAS courses are actively engaged in fieldwork or research and many of the venues offer the opportunity to visit museums, historic monuments, ships, archaeological laboratories or maritime museums.
  5. Boats will take you up and down the river, stopping off at Kew Gardens, Richmond and its beautiful park and Greenwich Observatory and park, and the National Maritime Museum.
  6. Like the absence of useful maritime peripheries, however, they can only serve as a secondary reinforcement of pre-existing leanings to political centralism.
  7. Nonetheless, the Maritime school accept that our forces should be deployed primarily to support the First and Second Pillars, but argue that they must also be given the strategic mobility, equipment, and training to continue Britain's global role as required by the Third Pillar.
  8. These cultures, viewed as being more outward-looking and less insular because they had very early on been maritime powers, were referred to as "blue" cultures.
  9. Maritime job.
  10. Maritime liens upon ships and cargoes are also in the nature of mortgages or charges independent of possession.
  11. Under Article 28 (a) of the Convention the Assembly of the Organisation was to elect the Maritime Safety Committee from the "governments of those nations having an important interest in maritime safety of which not less than eight shall be the largest ship-owning nations
  12. Natural antagonisms and rivalries between their maritime communities were accentuated after the Plantagenet loss of Normandy (1204), the reduction of the Seine valley to Capetian obedience (thereby providing Paris with a direct outlet to the sea) and the dispossession of Henry III at La Rochelle (1224).
  13. 1957: Duncan Sandys' "Big Bang" philosophy, that led to the end of National Service; 1965: Denis Healey's rolling Defence reviews, ending in the withdrawal from East of Suez; 1974: Roy Mason's concentration of resources on Western European Defence, taking the withdrawal from empire to its logical conclusion; 1981: John Nott's intended sacrifice of Maritime in favour of Continental capability, that was aborted by the Falklands Campaign.

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