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Перевод слова

Перевод: manual speek manual

ручной; с ручным приводом; мануальный; с ручным управлением;
руководство; наставление; справочник ; указатель ; учебник ; приемы оружием; клавиатура орг`ана


  1. A manual focus ring and zoom lever for fast operation and minimum drain on battery.
  2. When Harold Wilson took Labour to power with 48 per cent of the national vote in 1966, he commanded the support of 70 per cent of manual workers and their families.
  3. The following is general advice for Lycoming operators; but whichever make of engine you use, the flight manual tells you how to get the best out of your particular model - which may well differ in detail from what follows.
  4. Apparently, the formation of University Extra-Mural Groups rather than WEA branches and student groups (on the Shearman model) was perceived by Watts as responsible for undermining the Federation's responsibility to, and involvement with, manual workers:
  5. Computers would compete with manual labourers, but Western countries had been losing their jobs for years already (as anyone knows who buys plimsolls in the supermarket and reads the label.)
  6. Both are instant daylight process, via a motorised or manual processor, which provides you with the finished image on site.
  7. But not the manual steering, which again has such an effect on the driving character of the car that it is impossible to overlook.
  8. "For example, on the Sunny there's LX and SLX trim, 1.4 and 1.6-litre engines and manual and automatic gearboxes.
  9. At the other extreme, a machine tool company was considering the purchase of a (CNC) machine tool which would have the facility for manual data input (MDI).
  10. There was also an acceptance, as the implications were worked out later in the paper, that Terminal courses with "a good deal of teaching at quite an elementary level" were "a most important part" of the WEA's work; that university graduates, who usually had a narrow academic education, could benefit from the breadth of learning offered by the WEA quite as much as manual workers; that courses in literature and the arts were clearly a valid part of the WEA's total provision because they attracted new members, taught the processes of serious study and by enriching lives helped "in raising the quality of the public which has the power of judgement upon those set in authority over it".
  11. The five-speed manual gearbox is smoothness personified, and the urban thirst is put at a remarkable 34.9mph for a car of this size.
  12. A study of Uruguayan professionals who graduated in 1970, revealed that barely 11 per cent came from families in which the father worked in skilled or unskilled manual occupations.
  13. However, contrary to the rig's operating manual, the centre ballast tanks had been kept full instead of empty, resulting in a "condition in which a 10-;15 o list could develop rapidly", the board said.

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